Arkansas Repertory Theatre

This production of playwright John-Michael Tebelak’s classic play Godspell was a re-imagining that tells the story of a Southern, down-on-its-luck, circus during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

For the play, I was hired to illustrate the four character posters for The Three Clowns, The White Clown, The Animal Trainer, and the Aerialist that would be seen on stage. Each poster measured 42in x 84in (107cm x 214cm) and were hand illustrated based on character sketches provided by the production designer.

Additionally, I created the graphics for the “Bearded Lady’s Puppet Capers” poster (84in x 42 in [107cm x 214cm]) and the text over the arch of the animal cart that read “John Judas’ Family Circus.”


Research classic style circus posters

Hand illustrate characters for posters

Illustrate additional graphical elements


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator