Revenge of the Loot

The end result of the Ludum Dare 35 weekend team game jam, Revenge of the Loot pits players against endless waves of “heroes” as they try to steal all of your stockpiled wealth.

Players mimic various items around their home that allows them to sneak up on, and kill, the “heroes” without getting caught.

The game was developed to be in an isometric perspective; however, I developed the assets to be as flexible as possible, even allowing use in first or third person with a simple change of player camera positioning. The assets were also modularly designed for flexibility of use and ease of world-building during the shortest possible iterative process.

*Screenshots captured in Unity 5


Model Props

Model Modular Environment

Model “Hero” Characters

Material Creation

Texturing (sans: floors, walls)

Level Design

World Lighting


Cinema 4D

Adobe Photoshop


Unity 5